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Word from the Captain

Word from the capitain – Christmas edition 2016

Holidays Made of Experiences


During a brainstorming session for this edition of The Porthole, our creative team kept coming back to the idea that the Holidays generate stress. Personally, shopping for gifts represents my biggest source of stress. As the Holidays approach, I become one of those people who are all anxious about getting everyone on their list the perfect gift. Or at least, I was one of those people until our Creative Director told us about the growing trend of offering experiences rather than objects. Instantly, a light bulb came on over my head, which has led to this piece.


As we age and mature, the material gifts we receive slowly fade in their significance. When I think back to my childhood, for instance, I recall certain toys I was positively elated to have: My magic shovel from Santa Claus. (A priceless item, it shovelled the snow all by itself.) The unicorns I collected for years and years. My pink push scooter.


Gradually, memories of these items give way to recollections of experiences we’ve had. In my case, my first Cirque du Soleil show; a fishing excursion with “the guys”; a helicopter ride with my godfather, during which I spotted moose running across a snow-covered field; my first visit to a spa at age 14, during which I dived into an icy river!


So this year, I shall endeavour to hand out future memories: experiences that create moments that are shared and later recalled. Still, that doesn’t make my mission any easier!


How about you? What do you do to make your Holidays memorable?