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Word from the Captain

Word from the Captain- February 2019

Valentine’s Day takes place in the heart of the shortest month of the year, but also the coldest. It is certainly not a coincidence that we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this great month of love.

This is not only the perfect opportunity to warm up by the fire and declare your love, but also to gather with friends for winter activities in an ocean of white.

Our team hopes you’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day special two version edition: a couples version and a singles version. I invite you to navigate between the two, discovering articles that will certainly make you smile!

In our singles Porthole edition:

  • Self-compassion: love yourself truly
  • 5 unusual break-up locations
  • The Girls Night In cocktail recipe
  • Love shines on Instagram: 3 accounts about love

In our relationship Porthole edition:

  • Sailors in love at Bota Bota
  • 5 unusual engagement locations
  • The love glossary : not to miss Valentine’s Day packages at Bota Bota
  • Self-compassion: love yourself truly

Valentine’s Day is a warm break in the frozen world of February. An opportunity to warm up, say sweet words to your ear, and to learn to accept our sentimental side. ?