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A word from the captain – Nov 2015

Mother Nature certainly spoiled us with a summer that lasted beyond our expectations, but now there’s no avoiding another season of woolen scarves, hearty dishes, and fires in the hearth.

For November, I have made it my mission to get back into shape, a need brought on by my new status as mother of a 10-week-old bundle of joy. Although I did take up yoga two weeks following the birth, thanks to mother/baby courses, it turned out to be, more than anything, a way to meet other new moms—and a great excuse to get out of the house—rather than an effective training method. Loads of fun, mind you, but I need more!

Enter Fall. Whatever your reasons, autumn is the perfect season for getting back into shape. The crisp temperatures and gorgeous natural light (despite the shorter daylight hours) are great motivators. Opportunities for exercise include long walks amidst the colourful splendour, raking the lawn before the snow hits, and home workout sessions. And while you’re at it, why not tend to yourself a bit? Book an appointment at the hairdresser if you’ve neglected that aspect of your appearance during the summer, refresh your wardrobe for the coming winter season, and protect your skin from the ravages of the cold with a facial and a body treatment, for instance.

So take advantage of November to give yourself a break—a real one. The whirlwind of back-to-school activity is now a distant blur, and Christmas planning can surely be put off a bit longer! Breathe in, cook, travel, plan ahead. In short: enjoy yourself!