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What every well thought-out wardrobe should include

Isabelle Conan-Cormier,
Stylist – www.lilietcoco.com

The end of summer is already at hand… The change of seasons is an ideal time to take stock of your wardrobe in anticipation of the fall. Are you equipped with the newest trends? Has your little black dress seen better days? Do you have all the key elements that make up a smart wardrobe?

Nowadays, the cycle of styles moves very quickly. Although it’s important to keep up to date on the latter, to be fashionable, it can be an exhausting exercise to stay on top of all that’s going on. That’s why one should try to have a wardrobe that is made up of high quality, timeless and versatile pieces. You’ll then be able to add a few new seasonal styles to your wardrobe, with a lot more ease and pleasure.

The leather jacket
The price of a beautiful leather jacket can make just about anyone grind their teeth. However, the latter is versatile and can be worn both as a jacket indoors, or as a coat when the seasons are changing. It can even replace your favourite suit by adding a certain refined texture and look to your office ensemble. In addition, it will add a lot of class to the appearance of a simple dress. In order to make a judicious purchase, don’t give in to latest fad! Opt more for an elegant model made with soft leather. Over time, your jacket will shape itself to your body. A good quality leather jacket can serve you well for many many years and its vintage look will even enhance your style.

Just like a little black dress, jeans should be right at the top of one’s wardrobe essentials, and this, regardless of your age or your profession. Seeing as they can be worn on just about any occasion, including to the office, it’s imperative to choose the right pair! It’s more than worthwhile to invest a few additional dollars in a label that will guarantee a flawless cut and finish. In terms of style, opt for a straight-leg indigo blue pair of jeans or try a skinny style, because you’ll then be able to wear them with a pair of boots with sensual heels or casual ballet-style slippers.

The suit
The classic suit must necessarily be made of an elegant year-round woven wool. Inspect it carefully when purchasing it. An irregular stitch or seams, a lining that pulls or shiny material are always signs of poor quality. If your budget permits, indulge yourself by buying the three parts (jacket, pants, skirt). You will thus be able to play with these basic elements and wear them with other pieces that are in fashion for the season. Also, take note that the suit is less formal, when one wears it with flowing fabrics.

It’s difficult to hit on a quality cashmere sweater for under $200. That’s why it’s imperative to go for a three-season cardigan with a classic cut. Choose a solid colour cardigan in a neutral tone, such as black, grey, cream or navy blue. Despite its lavish nature, you shouldn’t hesitate to wear it just as easily with a pair of jeans and ballet-style slippers, or with a stylish cocktail dress. Keep it fashionable by rolling up the sleeves or by encircling it with an elegant belt.

The perfect handbag must be big enough to carry all your daily paraphernalia. Choose a simple model without artifice, in black or a shade of brown. The handbag is an unparalleled item to treat oneself to, when you’re in the mood to do so!

When it comes to versatility and never going out of fashion, quality shoes, made with rich and long-lasting material, such as leather, top the list. Don’t go incognito, and select a pump in patent leather or a croco pattern.

There’s nothing like having at your disposal a basic wardrobe that suits your needs, your lifestyle and your figure. Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a dilemma any more! Invest in quality articles that are simultaneously timeless and versatile so that you can then have a bit of fun with what’s in fashion for the season.