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What is a Strong Pressure massage?

A primordial sense, touch, through massage, has therapeutic qualities that guide our clients towards complete relaxation. Human contact is essential and can certainly provide physical, as well as muscular, comfort.

The well-being of our customers is particularly important to us and that is why we are continually seeking to improve our offer. The Strong Pressure massage was born from our client’s needs and our active listening on the field.

Explanations about this novelty on board.

What can a Strong Pressure massage do for someone?

The maneuvers applied with strong pressure will allow clients to feel the massage according to their own expectations. What sets this approach apart from that of deep tissue massage, which focuses on one or two targeted areas, is that strong pressure massage coincides with a holistic understanding, that is, an understanding of the body in its globality.

A massage is effective when the muscle is well warmed up by the massage therapist, in order to allow it to go deeper. It is important to note that pain does not equal a massage well done. Strong pressure is not necessary for a massage to be effective.

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What type of person is this massage designed for?

Without being the only or the best avenue, this massage technique is only recommended for people accustomed to receiving massages. It can, in particular, meet the needs of people who train regularly, such as top athletes. It can also be adapted to those who practice trades where the same posture or the same movements must be kept for several hours.

However, in the cases listed here, depending on their profile, other treatment approaches may be better suited to the client’s needs (our reservations agents will help you determine if this treatment is right for you). As for people of an anxious nature, or those who deal with physical complications — who have had a stroke, heavy operation, amputation, depression, varicose veins, venous thrombosis, advanced osteoarthritis, heart problems, obesity — this massage technique should be avoided.

Can all massage therapists offer this type of massage?

Depending on the massage therapy training they’ve received, their working approach and the massage techniques they’ve acquired during their experience, only certain massage therapists will be able to offer it.

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