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The Polaris facial treatment

Polaris, also known as Alpha Ursae Minoris, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. A reliable symbol which indicates the position of North when it comes to not losing it, it also offers the Bota Bota an instant combining freshness and comfort. Doctor Babor’s 90-minute Cryo-Sculpt Facial combines the benefits of cold therapy and sculpting gua sha to help reduce puffiness, signs of fatigue and firm the appearance of skin. 

After awakening the skin with a unique skin activator, three products are applied to the skin to prepare and cleanse it in depth. While the ingredients start to activate, the body is pampered: the scalp is massaged, the hands and arms are exfoliated, revealing the sensation of soft and soothed skin.

Subsequently, a concentrated collagen ampoule is applied to the face, as well as a rejuvenating oil in order to begin the Cryo Gua Sha massage. This is one of the key techniques offered during this treatment. The ergonomic shape of the tool adapts perfectly to the contours of the face and neck and the massage techniques help promote healthy-looking skin. Thanks to its immediate refreshing effect, it creates a soothed and balanced sensation and look to the skin.

This is followed by a firming peel-off mask and a sculpting massage immediately revealing a radiant, refreshed and more even complexion.  

While the mask sets, the arms get to enjoy a massage. The mask is then removed and followed by a collagen enriched serum and cream which makes it possible to provide a wonderful facial massage inspired by lymphatic drainage and a sculpting but deeply relaxing massage, amplifying the results of Cryo Gua Sha.

Discover the Polaris facial treatment and its benefits today.