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The benefits of pedicures for men

Yoann is one of our sailors. Yoann is a climber. Yoann has never had a pedicure done. He considers it to be one of those activities that he has never thought of because he is a man and because, let’s be honest, with a climbers’ feet, it would be throwing money out the window.

However, a pedicure is not only about polishes and creams. It is also a way to keep your feet healthy and keep an eye on what’s going on in your shoes. Caring for your body is not exclusive to women.
Preferably done once a month, pedicures offer many benefits.

Reducing the chances of infection
Shoes, socks, these are all dark and damp places where bacteria can flourish. Our beauticians reserve a portion of the cleaning to an exfoliation that allows your feet to breathe, to your greatest pleasure … and that of others.
Prevention of ingrown toenails
Ingrown nails, in addition to being aesthetically very unpleasant at first (and even second) sight, can also cause many health problems if not treated quickly. Visits to Bota Chic are necessary to keep your nails healthy and to avoid unpleasant situations.
Better blood circulation
Calves feeling a bit tense? Cold ends? A foot massage is the optimal solution to help your body relax and redistribute its heat properly, through the stimulation of blood vessels.
In the end, giving love to your feet is like giving love to yourself. An hour devoted to them will do you a world of good.

It is on a sunny day that Yoann had his first pedicure done. He does not regret the experience but ended up having to explain himself to friends who teased him at the idea of seeing him in this particular situation. Little do they know that this ultimate pedicure raises Yoann to the rank of those who have healthy athlete feet. And that, dear friends, is not given to everyone.

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