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Radiant Wave: the new facial treatment on board

Constantly looking to improve its services and treatments, Bota Bota promises to always dig deeper and surpass itself. It is with this goal in mind that we unveil our brand new 90-minute Doctor Babor facial treatment: Radiant Wave.

Created for skins showing signs of aging, through a certain loss of firmness and elasticity, this treatment restores the skins’ radiance. The complexion is unified, refreshed, revitalized and protected against oxidative damage.

Designed for people seeking a more technical and in-depth treatment, the Radiant Waves promises a long lasting and quality result.


Following the cleansing of the skin, using the Doctor Babor cleansing balm, the first peel is introduced to the face, neck and décolleté for a period of 10 minutes. Made in part with nettles, it gives the skin a slight tingling sensation: the blood system is activated. During the resting period, a head massage which relieves tension and cranial pains is done.

The first peel delicately removed using dry cotton and gauze, a second one with AHA is applied with a brush on the same areas. It is used to give the complexion its radiance. A complementary leg massage is performed while this peel is left to rest.

To soothe the skin, the REFINE RX Rebalancing Liquid is then applied to the skin.


In order to offer an optimum application of the Vitamin C serum, TheraPRO sponges are used throughout the face, neck and décolleté. The Comfort Cream Mask is added with a brush.

The mask period ends with the use of the LIFTING RX Silver Foil mask. This one is left for a period of 20 minutes, so the face can absorb it entirely.

Once removed, the residual products are massaged on the skin.


The treatment ends with the LIFTING RX Eye Cream and a day cream.

Although initially thought of as a facial treatment, the Radiant Wave promises a complete relaxation of the body while offering your skin the best of the Doctor Babor Pro range.

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Following the Radiant Wave treatment, it is important not to expose your face and the treated parts of the body to the sun. The Radiant Wave facial treatment can be offered in the Aphrodite package. To learn more, click here.