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Guide to vegetable oils to enhance your skin

Vegetable oils have many benefits: they tone, hydrate and add suppleness to your skin. These oils are natural, derived from plants and can be extracted from nuts, oilseeds, and seeds. As true beauty allies, find the vegetable oil that will illuminate and suit your skin the best.

Ariane D., Purchasing Coordinator, shares her favourite products from Babor and Eminence adapted to each skin type.

For dry skin:

Dry skin is skin that lacks moisture. It can appear to be tight, with slight irritation and can give as tingling sensation. Wildflower Ultralight Oil allows you to nourish and revitalize your skin.

You can also use the Phytoactif hydro base cleanser in addition to HY-ÖL. Both products ensure optimal hydration and cleansing.

For combination skin:

Combination skin is a mixture of oily and dry skin. Its appearance is dry on the cheeks and temples and oilier the T-zone. This part of the face includes the forehead, nose and chin. To brighten it up, you can use HY-ÖL in combination with Phytoactive.

For sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin is reactive skin, it experiences tingling, redness, tightness… These delicate skins must therefore be treated with care using respectful products. Here HY-ÖL can be used with Phytoactive Sensitive Skin.

For the body:

Bodies also require attention and a lot of moisture. Take care of them with vegetable body oils. Protect and moisturise your skin with a sweet-smelling dry oil. Get soft and supple skin with the Apricot Body Oil.

Find all these products at Bota Bota, and why not benefit from these oils during a spa treatment?