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5 recommendations for 5 skin types

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It protects us, it reacts, it speaks to us, thanks to all the layers it is made of, starting with the epidermis. It is important to know your skin well, to be able to provide it with the most appropriate care, especially when it comes to our face. Our daily routine and cosmetic products must correspond to it, so as not to weaken it further.

Marie P., our chief beautician, explains how to recognize your skin type and shares with us her favorite Babor products.

Dry skin
“If your skin feels tight, has a tingling sensation and slight irritation, it is trying to tell you that it needs hydration. It is therefore better to clean it once a day, in the morning or evening, so as not to attack it. Thermal water or a cleansing oil will allow gentle cleaning. Be careful to always use a gentle scrub, once or twice a week. Choose a mask that will provide deep hydration, like Dr. Babor’s Ultimate Repair mask. Pamper your dry skin with an ultra-hydrating serum treatment in the form of concentrated ampoules and follow with a moisturizer for slightly dry skin, or a silver cream if very dry.”

Sensitive skin
“Tight, inflamed and red skin is sensitive skin. It must be treated with delicacy. Carry out a daily cleaning routine in 2 phases, with a cleansing oil and a soothing phytoactive plant based. To soothe sensitive skin from daily stress and tension, opt for a concentrated ampoule treatment, which will provide relaxation for your skin, and a revitalizing mask. I recommend using a soothing face cream with allantoin and panthenol, which will relieve the reactions of your skin and strengthen your skin barrier.”

Oily skin
“Irregular appearance, large pores, shine and sometimes acne indicate excess sebum in oily skin. There is no point in trying to dry out oily skin, as it will produce even more sebum. The key is to clean it with a cleansing foam in the morning and a 2-in-1 tonic gel in the evening, for a refreshing and non-greasy effect. It is also important to exfoliate it and treat it twice a week with a cleansing mask, which will reduce excess sebum and remove dead cells. To purify the skin, use a concentrated ampoule treatment for 14 days, for a visibly clarified skin texture, and use daily a purifying and rebalancing cream, specially designed for skin prone to impurities.
The good news with this type of skin is that it is thicker than other skin types, its elasticity considerably limits the appearance of wrinkles.”

Mixed skin
“If your face has an oily T zone, dry cheeks and temples, you have combination skin. Large pores, blackheads, pimples, as well as dryness… combination skin is not constant, which makes it difficult to treat. To cleanse combination skin without irritating or greasing it, use a cleansing foam, followed by a refreshing toner with rose water. To control the balance of the skin, go for a balancing cream in the morning and evening, and a purifying mask once a week. The effects will be enhanced by a concentrated ampoule treatment with shale and tea tree oil for deeply purified skin.”

Mature skin
“Mature skin loses its elasticity. The first effects of aging are visible wrinkles and changes to the contour of the face. Targeted and effective care will slow the effects of this process. Start by cleaning the skin with a cleansing balm, in the morning and evening. To stimulate natural skin regeneration, use a specialized serum, such as Dr Babor’s Ultime Repair serum, followed by the face cream. Add the mask to your routine, 1 to 2 times a week. Biogenic, royal jelly and panthenol extracts help regenerate the skin and give it a uniform complexion.
Do not neglect the contours of your eyes by adding a refreshing treatment for tired eyes, or a regenerating treatment for hydration and an anti-aging effect.”  

A treatment done in the presence of expert hands remains an option not to be overlooked in order to update yourself on the condition of your skin!

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