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5 manicure trends for summer 2020

The sun and the heat announce the start of summer and its promise of colour. The stay at home order is being slowly reduced, and the desire to add a bit of fun to our nails is felt.

Our Chief Manucurist Lola D. has put together a guide to summer 2020 trends with the colors of the rainbow.

The colourful French manicure
Seen on several stars, this French manicure highlights a touch of pastel on the tip of our nails. This trend can also be done in more flashy tones, be the same color on all nails or can be a crescendo of tones (ex : light blue to navy). Considered a nail art in our nail care categories, you can also easily recreate it at home.

The 2-3 mismatched shades on the nails
Well-known to manicure enthusiasts thanks to its start in 2019, this trend returns this summer, but in softer shades. Easily achievable at home and at the spa, it was the choice of several clients over the past year. We guarantee that this trend is very versatile, especially if you dabble in pastel shades of pale pink, orange and beige.

The modern French manicure
This trend is the perfect marriage between the first two trends : the colourful French mani and the mismatched one. Lola recommends this trend for those who like to be original and who are not afraid to try something new!

The marbled manicure
This nail art is Lola’s favorite and can be realized in all shades, from the palest, darkest, to pastels and neons.

The half-moon nail manicure
This trend that has stood out in the last year is back this summer 2020, in pastel tones. We advise you to use complementary colors for more impact on your nail (ex : blue and orange).

Finally, everyone deserves beautiful, well cleaned, cut and filed nails. Lola is the first to advocate for mens’ manicures and says that most of her male clientele can no longer go without it once they’ve tried it for the first time.  

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