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2018 : Start off right!

A new year rhymes with new fitness goals which also rhymes with going to the gym more often and setting up a running schedule. If you’ve included these two activities in your New Year’s resolutions for yet another year it might be time to change things up. Many studies have proven that it takes at least 66 consecutive days to form a new habit, so why not try something new for a change?

Yoga and Essentrics

Yoga is a very handy sport if you need to destress and find your peace. Not only does it teach you important breathing techniques, it also helps to release tensions. If you want to test something different we suggest to try out an Essentrics class which is a dynamic workout inspired by ballet, Tai Chi and physiotherapy. This age defying workout creates a youthful feeling body all while rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. Both Yoga and Essentrics are ideal for anyone who likes to mix spiritual and fun in workouts.

Outdoor activities

Who said workouts had to be boring? Outdoor activities are in fashion this season! An afternoon hike up Mount Saint-Hilaire, a canoeing trip down the Saint-Lawrence river, a ski day in Tremblant, the possibilities are endless in the greater Montreal, you just have to find what suits you best. The best thing about spending time outdoors you ask? It doesn’t even feel like a workout!