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Wellness step #7: Be thankful

The human being is cyclical, like the moon, the tides and the emotions. Since the dawn of time, civilizations have been using the moon and its effects to create, increase, internalize and reflect on their behaviours, actions and projects. The action of being thankful is according to us, something we should try to do every day, but especially during the different the phases of the moon.

To understand them well, here they are demystified for you:

New moon

It takes place once every 29 days and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon, the earth and the sun are aligned and have a great influence on our world. Thank yourself for this new start and dare to embark on new projects. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, there will be no better time to realize your dearest dreams and desires. Embellish this moment with a little ritual; light a candle or burn incense.

Quarter moon

Moon crescent, seven days after the new moon, thank yourself for having so much energy! During the first moon phase, it is the perfect time to take care of yourself with a gym session or a few hours in the spa to pamper yourself. This phase is a positive one, focused on personal well-being.

Full moon

The full moon, of iridescent and luminous beauty, can have several effects on us. Take the time to look at how far you’ve come and listen to your emotions as the moon controls them. Positive or negative, thank them for entering your life and take the time to breathe and let go. Accept yourself!

Last moon quarter

During the last moon quarter, we are on the way to a new moon to start the cycle again. It is recommended that you write down your wishes. Thank them for existing and potentially realizing themselves in order to keep a good energy and help you get closer to your surroundings.

Good reflection!