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Wellness step #1: Meditate

The Bota Bota wellness calendar begins with a step that may already be part of your daily routine: meditate. To combat anxiety and insomnia, helping with concentration and memory, the benefits of meditation on the mind and health are numerous.

Here is our suggestion of 5 mobile apps to guide you in the path of mediation, to use at home or on the go.

Shine – Self-Care & Meditation

This application, named in the official selection of ”Apple’s Best of 2018”, includes more than 400 mediations on different topics such as productivity, creativity or self-acceptance. Every morning, the app sends a positive affirmation to increase your self-confidence and mood.

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1.Stop, Breathe & Think

When opening the app, you will be asked to check the emotions you feel. Guided meditations for your well-being will be recommended. This app also offers yoga and acupressure sessions that use finger pressure on different areas of the body, making it one of our favorite meditation apps.

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Acclaimed ”the application of the year” in 2017 by Apple, Calm is a reference in the field of virtual mediation. With expert-guided meditations and “sleep stories”, we suggest the Wonder, the one told by actor Matthew McConaughey.

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Méditations Rose Buddha

This beautiful Quebec fashion and sports clothing company offers an application with bilingual meditations. Popularized through the show “Dans l’œil du Dragon’’, this company manufactures leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. This application is a must have in your cellphone. A huge favorite of the editors, we strongly recommend it!

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Mindfulness with Petit BamBou

The most popular meditation app in Europe, it contains guided meditations for all age groups, even for children! It contains very colourful visuals which explain the different meditations.

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We take this opportunity to remind you that your stay on board is to be done without a cellular device. These marvellous mobile applications can offer you peace and serenity when you return to mainland.

Happy meditation!