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Waiting in line? I’d rather be online.

Tips for successful shopping on the Web

The big shift has happened: people have taken to the Web for their Holiday shopping. Not surprisingly, more than two out of three Canadians prefer shopping online to making the rounds of the crowded shops. Vast selection, home delivery and competitive prices are the features of online shopping most appreciated by the discriminating consumers we have become.

Some aces to keep up your sleeve

Sure, online shopping can help ward off some Holiday stress. Still, to reap its full benefits, it’s essential to be familiar with the basics of online shopping. Here are some useful tips to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Avoid impulse purchases and take the time to shop around a bit. This can be done efficiently by using some of the comparison shopping engines available on the Web. Online retail giant Shopify’s Canadian division has compiled a list of the top comparison shopping engines. [https://www.shopify.ca/blog/7068398-10-best-comparison-shopping-engines-to-increase-ecommerce-sales]
  • Take the time to read the comments people have made about a product. Once you filter out the inevitable Internet trolls, you may just find the answers to your questions.
  • For ideas, by all means check out the recommendations based on the product you are considering. Algorithms are becoming astonishingly sophisticated and such suggestions are often spot-on!
  • For last-minute gifts, visit sites that offer same-day delivery. These are often the big-box and giant retailers like IKEA and amazon.ca (which offers it up to Christmas Eve).


Online and Québec-based

Should you have the urge to shop local, we have compiled a short list of our favourite 100% Québec-based online boutiques. Have a look, between two batches of snowflake-shaped cookies.

WOMANCE – This boutique is youthful, feminine, fresh and dynamic.

RACHEL‘S BOX – Launched by three fashionistas, this site specializes in tights.

BOAT PEOPLE – Small vintage clothing boutique with loads of style.

THE PEACOCK PARADE (THE VOLTS) – This site offers “affordable luxe” and “all those sophisticated things.” Tantalizing! (Note: This is the new identity of the site known as The Volts, created in Montreal. It’s now based in Toronto.)

SSENSE – Minimalist accessories, footwear and clothes.

FRANK & OAK – Initially catering exclusively to men, this well-established boutique has recently added unisex offerings.

TATE & YOKO – Founded in 2011, this fun boutique specializes in Japanese denim.

CHICCANE – Offers only high-end products by Canadian designers.

CHIC MARIE – Clothing rentals for women who want a constantly evolving look!

SHOOOPING – Billed as “Québec’s largest virtual shopping centre.”

We hope your online shopping will help ease your Christmas anxieties. However, if you experience residual stress, do drop by and see us. You are just steps away from well-being!