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Hammock 2.0, relaxation revisited

You can find them at Bota Bota, on Montreal balconies, and on beaches the world over. They are made of rope, fabric, even recycled parachutes. Everyone likes them. Hammocks, that is. They’ve been around forever, yet are experiencing a revival of sorts. Today’s hammocks come in a variety of forms and are made for a growing number of uses. Let yourself be swept off your feet by these clever relaxation contraptions!

Like camping in mid-air
Outdoor getaway enthusiasts often pack one in their camping gear so they can take a breather or two in the midst of their adventures in the great wide open. Only a matter of time, then, till some ingenious entrepreneurs combined the functions of the tent and the hammock, producing some truly clever gems in a variety of forms.Capture d’écran 2015-08-27 à 15.31.38
Sources: Tentsile, Jungle Hammock, Cacoon, Pinterest.

A cocoon version
No doubt inspired by the invention of the tent-hammock, some crafty souls have taken the concept one step further and created something more akin to a treehouse: the spacious and utterly charming cocoon hammock.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-27 à 15.36.32
Source: Cocoon Tree.

A bath to go
Are you a fan of Bota Bota’s whirlpool baths, getting ready for an outdoor excursion far from the comfort of a spa? Benjamin H. Frederick had you in mind when he invented the Hydro Hammock, a watertight hammock equipped with a propane-fueled heating system. It allows you to combine two of life’s great pleasures, wherever you happen to be. Talk about an inventor who’s got his priorities right!

Capture d’écran 2015-08-27 à 15.37.55

Source: Hydro Hammock.