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Find the festive spirit again

Simple tricks for an easygoing Hoilday season

For many of us, it’s the same old story every year. We approach the Holidays with enthusiasm, eager to visit with our family and looking forward to having fun. Then the fun begins to fade prematurely. We are overwhelmed by the pressure of getting everything ready on time and we lose that great youthful excitement.
This year, perhaps it is time to make peace with the Holidays. To help you do that, here are a few tips for reducing stress.

Dare to say no
The schedule we take on during the Holidays is often more grueling than any work week. Give yourself permission to turn down a few invitations, even if it means disappointing a few people.

Plan and prioritize
If your to-do list is lengthy, organize it according to well-defined priorities. If you end up running out of time, at least the essential tasks will have been accomplished.

Stick to a simple menu
Even if you are trying out new recipes, choose those that won’t complicate your life too much. A great meal does not necessarily have to be a complex one.

When the number of things that need to get done is staggering, don’t attempt to do it all by your lonesome, even if you are a perfectionist. Assign tasks to the members of your inner circle!

Avoid comparing yourself to others
When it comes to giving gifts, preparing a meal or throwing a get-together, it is important that you experience the Holidays on your own terms, and not by comparing yourself to other people. Don’t needlessly suffer guilt.

Take time for yourself
Sometimes, in all the hubbub to please others, we lose sight of our own pleasure. Remember to put aside time for unwinding, losing yourself in a good book or curling up in front of a favourite TV show.

Take a moment to express gratitude
At the end of each day, take a few moments to rewind and go over all the things that brought you joy during the day, and dwell on your positive accomplishments. Remember that the Holidays are meant to be a time for merriment. So take the time to rejoice in the good times.

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