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Cozy moments of the season

Autumn is a season that promises moments of tenderness by the fireplace, in the kitchen or curled up in an armchair. We have put together a few activities to help you get through the cooler season.

Take a bath

There’s truly nothing better than slipping into a nice hot bath. To make it look even nicer, why not get some foaming soap and Epsom salt? Perfect relaxation is on the way!

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Make yourself a Chai Latte

Rose Simard of 1 or 2 Fantaisies reinvents this legendary drink that is offered to our lips as soon as the temperature gets cooler.

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Read a book

While social restrictions are still ongoing, it is important to put everything in place to avoid feeling isolated and alone. Why not start a virtual reading group?

With colleagues or friends, this activity allows you not to lose contact with your loved ones, while learning!

Light a candle

This little touch of warmth can accompany you through all the activities mentioned below! To create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere throughout your home, a lit candle is the perfect idea.

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Treat yourself to a moment of well-being

A body or facial treatment is always welcome when the seasons change. Our skin, delicate as it is, sometimes suffers from temperature changes. In order to calm it, we offer a range of treatments made just for you.

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