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Autumn Drink: Chaï Latte

With the temperature cooling down and the colourful leaves falling from the trees, you’re probably looking for some comfort. How about trying a Chaï Latte? A hot drink that I always associate to fall weather. The masala spice blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, black tea and black pepper reminds us of seasonal delights such as apple crisp and pumpkin soups.

 In the light of the many recipes I had the chance to try while I was a barista in a small Montreal café, I think the success of a good chaï latte lies in the balance of sugar. The masala is a very spicy tea blend, so it is important to not let sugar take up all the space!

Without further ado, here is my favorite recipe. You will see, it is very simple to put together and it requires very few ingredients.


4 oz infused Chaï Masala
3 oz of milk
0.50 oz of honey syrup [1 part of honey: 1/2 part of boiling water]
Garnish : Grated cinnamon


1. Infuse the chai masala in boiling water as instructed.
2. Pour all the ingredients into a milk frother.
3. Froth the ingredients until the drink is hot and the texture is creamy.
4. Pour into a glass, then grate a cinnamon stick over the mousse.

If you fall in love with this recipe and plan to do it often, you can brew more masala and leave it in the refrigerator. So you’ll only have to warm up the mixture the next time you feel like a good cup of chaï latte.

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