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This month’s horoscope / Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)

Known to be a little reserved, you will surprisingly communicate with ease in September. You will find yourself to be curious and your desire to travel will be strong, despite the holidays being over.

In love, your relationship is in a slightly situation. Do not fret; your attention to detail loyalty will help you resolve conflicts. Single, your sociability and charm will make many happy!
At work, it is time to dive into the unknown. Interviews and new professional opportunities are just a call away, so go for it! And if you are not yet ready to change things up, you plan your professional future with the logic you are known for.
Money-wise, with a new job comes a salary increase that warms your heart! Meticulous and smart regarding your expenses, you will be able to rework your finances in an intelligent way.
Your reliability and your stability will show you the way through this birthday month. Let Bota Bota takes care of you and give you the energy to move forward.


  • A Lomi Lomi Nui massage: The holidays may be over, but no need to buy a ticket to escape. This massage invites you to a sensory experience, a journey within that is in harmony with the availability, openness and love that is offered to yourself.
  • Eminence products: It’s always the right time to rethink your beauty routine! These miraculous products will suit you so well. There is really nothing better to start your new year! (Sold aboard, in our store)
  • A delicious meal: A lover of food, it’s always a pleasure for you to have a taste of something new. The salmon tartar and brownie have caught your eye… and we don’t blame you!

Happy birthday!


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Illustration: Arnaud Tartier