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This month’s horoscope / Pisces

(February 19th – March 20th)

A dreamer and a poet, you’ve got an open and curious mind. Understanding the world around you without judging it is one of your many qualities that will help you navigate this emotionally charged birth-month!

  • In love, you are constantly on the lookout. Your heart keeps on beating, but this particular month may not be the best time to settle down. Take advantage of this moment to question everything around you.
  • At work, we’ve got great news! New professional steps are being taken. Be careful however to keep your cool, savour your success!
  • Money wise, you know what they say… great business means great finances! Get ready to re-think your budget… for the better. 

This month is synonymous with happiness and well-being. You are going in the right direction and it suits you well. The Bota Bota has exactly what you need to celebrate this birthday month as you should!


  • A hot shell massage: Consider this a little cheeky and aquatic nod to your astrological sign. The hot shell massage is a 60-minute treatment with many charms. Shells release calcium ions, which renew and tone the skin. Meanwhile, the warmth of the shells helps relax muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • A Seaside treatment: An anti-aging facial combined to a reflexology massage? Yes, it is possible. This two luxurious treatments will have you feel brand new, from head-to-toe.
  • Gel & Chrome nail treatment :  Second little nod of the day… Why not match your nails to your fish scales? The chrome gel is the easiest way to shine brightly.  

Happy birthday!


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Illustration: Arnaud Tartier