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This month’s horoscope / Leo

(July 23 – August 22)
The month of August, hotter than ever, is a catalyst of emotions. Like a true lion, you roar with energy and dare to show off. After all, you’re the star this month … it’s time to put yourself forward!

  • In love, although the beginning of the month is a little more rocky and tense, the second part seems to bring a calmness in your relations. The secret to a healthy relationship? Communication! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts, good or bad. You will be surprised by the reactions of your loved ones.
  • At work, you go for it and are not be afraid of anything. Project after project, you demonstrate your negotiating talents with brilliance. You keep your goals in mind and stay focused. Be careful however to take a breather, with excellence comes pressure!
  • Money is not an issue, so use this time wisely to pay off your debts. You will feel much more serene!

You shine by your successes and it shows! Like a magnet, you draw the right waves around you, and find yourself first on the podium. As a little gift to yourself or to simply recharge your batteries, Bota Bota has exactly what you need!


A Swedish massage: You give a lot of yourself and your body feels it. This massage uses a technique that dissolves tension and strengthens muscles and joints. It helps the body find its natural balance – everything you need to stay in top shape from Monday to Sunday!
A facial: Northern Star: Welcome to your second skin! Designed for targeting the aging of the skin, this peel will give you a fresh start.
Tide by Night: Work hard, play hard! Our Tide by Night events offer once a month an evening with different musical ambiences, Aufguss rituals and a carefully catered drinks menu. Come with your friends and family to start the weekend with a band!

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Illustration: Arnaud Tartier