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This month’s horoscope / Capricorn

(December 22nd – January 19th)
Naturally suspicious and timid, this month is the time for you to step outside the box and that’s a great thing! It’s all about a clean start – the future looks bright and full of change!

    • In love, this month’s vibe is all about sorting things out. It’s time to focus on what you need.
    • At work, you feel like things are stagnating and it’s quite true. It’s now up to you to start looking beyond this feeling and touch those dreams you put in the back of your mind. New year, new opportunities!
    • Money wise, your savings will finally be able to bear fruit, how amazing!

This month is all about bringing you out of your ongoing lethargy. Bota Bota has exactly what you need to start 2019 with confidence.


A Journey water circuit : A return to basics also means taking care of yourself. Enjoy our water circuit and enjoy each stp (heat, cold, relaxation) to help purify mind, body and soul.
A Bath and Bite package: Add a three course meal and a glass of wine to your Journey water circuit. Spoil yourself ! Bon appétit !
A Kobi Yoko massage : Détendez votre visage grâce à ce massage fait pour contrer, entre-autres, le stress, l’insomnie et la fatigue.

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Illustration: Arnaud Tartier