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What to pack for a trip down south

That’s it, you’ve finally decided to flee the snow (that never stops falling) and to go for a sunbath! Whether you opt for a relaxing all-inclusive, a surf vacation or a yoga retreat in the rainforest, your suitcase should be full of useful things for your stay.

Beyond essentials like your passport, itinerary, medication, sunglasses and toothbrush, here’s what you should put in your suitcase for a great trip.

Versatile clothing

To minimize the space occupied by your clothes in your luggage, opt for pieces that match together. Choose materials that dry quickly and that won’t cause any discomfort in case of sweat. Opt for synthetic fiber clothing, fine wool and linen.

Limit shoes to no more than three pairs, one pair for sports, one pair for going out, and a pair of beach sandals.

It’s also always nice to have at least two swimsuits in order to avoid putting on a humid swimsuit in the morning. It’s also a great way to vary tanning areas!

Beauty products

Skin care is essential, whether you’re in town or at the beach. Bring the sunscreen of your choice in sufficient quantity. We also recommend targeted protection for lips.

Aerosol sunscreen is useful to touch up at the beach when your hands are full of sand. It also comes in handy when you’re traveling solo. Slipping cleansing wipes into your beach bag is a good idea in order to cool off before applying sunscreen.

Don’t forget to slip in an exfoliant and after-sun into your suitcase for that great post-vacation tan. The exfoliant will help you eliminate dead skin and excess sunscreen. The after-sun will nourish your skin and calm it if it gets sunburned.

Think minimalism for the makeup bag. Forget the foundation and simply bring a few essential beauty products such as mascara, an eyebrow pencil, lipstick and concealer. Bet you won’t even use them!

In addition to your favorite shampoo and conditioner duo, we suggest to bring a hydrating mask that will give life back to your sea water, chlorine and sun filled hair. Complete your kit with a wet hair hairbrush and accessories that you’ll need to style your hair (elastics, clips, etc.).

To avoid having to shop locally, bring a small first aid kit, mosquito repellent, feminine hygiene products and allergy medications just in case.

Relaxation and entertainment

If you like to read at the beach or on the edge of the pool, don’t forget your novel of the moment. A Kindle e-reader is ideal if you want to read more than one book. If you plan on enjoying a spa day on site, don’t forget to bring a small light bag in which you can slip in your swimsuit, beach sandals and make-up wipes.

Bring a small notepad and pencil to write down your travel memories or simply take notes to organize your daily schedule.

If you like to take pictures, bring your own material as well as additional memory cards. Don’t forget your phone charger, and leave the laptop at home, you’re on vacation after all!