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The Benefits of Traveling Solo

By Robyn Fadden

If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean beach vacation, a Parisian sojourn, or a Himalayan mountain adventure, but your friends or partner don’t share your desires – or are just short on time or money – consider a solo journey. Travelling independently has become more enjoyable and affordable than ever, whether you’re looking for some quiet time alone or to socialize with a whole new crowd. The world truly is your oyster if you choose to travel on your own – and here’s why:

  1. You’re in charge. Revel in the fact that you call all the shots, can change your mind on a whim, and don’t have to worry about making decisions with anyone else! Experiencing a new destination as a solo traveller can bring out sides of ourselves we didn’t even know we had, from creative and dreamy to wild and free.
  2. Sweet treatment for solos. Some destinations and tours offer more ideal and safe solo travel qualities than others, with discounts, social activities, and flexible itinerary. Most tried-and-true vacation destinations, such as Europe, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia’s tourist spots fit the bill. Many more locations may surprise with how well suited they are to solos, from African safari tours to urban exploring with guidebook in hand.
  3. Leave your comfort zone behind for all-new comforts. Heading out on your own might feel daunting at first, but embrace the joys of independence and you’ll find your own rhythm quickly. If your vacation goal is to rest, recharge, contemplate life, and clear your head, then solo travelling can be the best choice ever.
  4. Make new and unexpected friends. Meeting people while travelling alone can be easier simply because we’re more open to new experiences and new people. If you’re on a tour or staying in communal accommodations, conversation and friendship with fellow travellers will come naturally as you share unique experiences with one another. Plus, new friends can take pictures of you when you’re tired of taking expertly composed selfies!
  5. Culinary adventure. Dining alone may seem uncomfortable at first, but the bright side is that you can eat whatever you’re in the mood for, whenever you want. Follow your cravings and make meals a part of your personal adventure: try new foods that demand the full attention of your taste buds; experiment with a few smaller dishes that might even spark conversation from curious neighbouring tables; eat at the restaurant’s bar instead of a table; or get take-out meals and sit in the park, at the beach, or eat on the go.