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Galena, the nereid

Creating a new package is synonymous with mythological research. The brand-new Galena package, which includes the Compass Rose facial treatment and a Layover water circuit, invites you to dive into the depths of the Aegean Sea.

In calm waters

Galena is one of the nereids, sea nymphs, born from the union between Nereus, the sea god, and the Oceanid Doris. Although a goddess considered “minor” among her 49 sisters, she stands out through her character by personifying still waters.

These sisters are known for their beauty, their hair entwined with pearls, often accompanied by dolphins or seahorses. They are part of Poseidon’s procession and live in a silvery underwater cave at the bottom of the Aegean Sea.

For Mother’s Day

We wanted to use her name for this particular package since it was created a few days before Mother’s Day. A way to underline the calm that mothers bring around us, but also to wish them the calm waters they so deserve.

Galena’s name was also given to an asteroid in the main belt, red algae and a type of crustaceans. A nod to the maternal versatility that we wanted to highlight. On earth, in water and in the depths of the stars, mothers are present in many ways …

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