by James Alexander Dunphy

Bota Bota is quickly becoming a much-photographed landmark! When people come to enjoy our Nordic experience, they like to share the serenity with their friends, family and followers.

The Bota Bota crew love scrolling through the #BotaBota hashtag on Instagram and seeing our clients bask blissfuly. We love it so much that we’ve even been holding an Instagram Photo Challenge! The rules are very simple:

1)     Only people in your party, yourself, or no-one at all should be featured / recognizable on the pics to be selected. Obviously, for privacy purpose !
2)     You might feel like showing off your bikini-body… this is not the purpose of the contest. Even though we do encourage you to stay fit, we will not select those either.
3)     The Bota Bota crew will select it’s 10 favorite of the month and publish them on Facebook. The snap with the most “likes” will receive a free Bota Bota spa package.

Get inspired by checking out some previous #BotaBota Photo Challenge entries:

Checking out the historic Silo #5 from a thermal bath. Many decades ago this spot was one of the most important grain ports in world. Now, a spa-sur-l’eau! (Photo by imnotdonebaking)

Following the specific steps of our water circuit is key to reaping the full health benefits of our Nordic spa. Yes, that includes taking an icy plunge! (Photo by marineduboisroussel)

Living the life in a steam dream while gazing out at the iconic Montréal skyline. (Photo by paulineetbounty)

A look at some of the architectural details of Bota Bota. (Photo by kusmigirl)

This pic is working some serious high dynamic range. Is there any better way to capture Bota Bota and Habitat 67’? (Photo by oknidius)

An excellent photo of Habitat 67’ and a large ship framed by a porthole on Bota Bota. (Photo by montreallucy)

Caption translation: “An afternoon in paradise.” Paradise being sitting in a piping hot bath while looking out at the stunning skyline of Old Montréal. (Photo by maudekokin)

Fuzzy slippers and a warm bathrobe are necessary for scurrying from door to thermal bath. (Photo by designerlulu)

The art of the spa selfie. (Photo by gigibissonnette)