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5 tips for comfort while flying

How to make a long flight pleasant with 5 simple and easy tips.

Pick a good seat: When booking a flight ticket, make sure you pick a seat that will allow you to be as comfortable as possible. Sit next to the emergency exits or in the first row if you want to stretch your legs, choose a window seat if you want to sleep, or an aisle seat for more stability.

Drink water: The air on a plane is very dry and it is important to drink water throughout the flight. In order to not be dependent on the crew on board, get a 1.5 litre bottle of water which you can fill up freely with filtered water (often available in the washrooms).

Wear comfortable clothes: When flying for several hours, it may sometimes be difficult to pair style with comfort. We like to prioritize comfort with loose clothes and soft fabrics, like yoga clothing. For the ladies, a pair of leggings is also an excellent idea as it is versatile: you can simply put on a different tunic right before landing, and that’s it!

Make sure to get enough sleep: There’s nothing worse than arriving at destination without having been able to sleep a bit. Put all the chances on your side by bringing the right equipment to sleep well: an eye mask, a blanket (the ones given on board are often too small so bring yours!), and ear plugs are a must have. You need a hand? Use some melatonin, a natural hormone which will help you sleep smoothly without creating any dependence.

Get moving: Ok, space on a plane is quite limited so when we say get moving, we’re obviously not saying that you should get up and run a marathon. However, there are several simple stretching exercises that improve the bloodstream and prevent you from having several annoying symptoms such as numbness or painful joints. This list  will help you on all your flights!

Bon voyage!

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