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Revisiting the sandwich

Giving your lunchbox a makeover

When it comes to food, summertime is associated with lighter fare, particularly during vacations, with their picnics in the park, family BBQs, neighbourly corn roasts, and on-the-go burritos from the food truck.

As summer winds down and we dig in our heels for fall, we find ourselves renewing our resolutions to get back to healthier habits. And for many professionals, of all stripes, this involves the return of the customary lunchbox. To keep this daily tradition fresh and enjoyable, here are some suggestions for revamping the undisputed king of the lunchbox: the sandwich.


Change the shape

Your classic sandwich consists of protein and veggie layers arranged between two rectangular slices of bread. But why limit yourself to this shape? You can innovate by trimming the crust off the bread slices, rolling the sandwich into a cylinder and cutting it into disks, the way you would make sushi! You could also dice or slice the ingredients and then skewer them. Another good idea is to hollow out a baguette and fill it with delicious stuffing, while keeping the outer crust intact.

Change the sauce

We tend to underestimate the role a good sauce plays in a sandwich, but a sauce has the power to take your taste experience to a whole other level. Replace your trusty mayo with tzatziki, hummus, pesto or aioli, or add a dash of hot sauce for oomph. You can also find some locally produced and delicious homemade sauces. Try new flavours and be pleasantly surprised.


Change the bread

Naturally, your choice of bread is crucial to your revamping efforts. Nowadays, most local bakeries offer an impressively wide array of breads, from baguettes to floury loaves, as well as bagels and English muffins. That said, there is no hard and fast rule about having to use bread! Dare to be creative by switching the bread for eggplant slices or cucumbers cut lengthwise. Or use the cold cuts you would normally put inside the sandwich as the actual outer layer! Experiment with consistencies and textures until you find the combination that most satisfies you.

Change the content

The final component you can change is, of course, the main content itself. Are you a cheese enthusiast? Use one of the countless renowned creations of our local cheesemakers. Have lettuce lethargy and need to turn a new leaf? Replace it with alfalfa sprouts, coriander, spinach or kale. Need a cure for too much Black Forest ham? Substitute it with strips of marinated chicken, tofu cubes, quinoa-based spread, or smoked salmon. Once you’ve selected your core ingredients, don’t be afraid to enhance them with items you wouldn’t normally associate with a sandwich, such as black olives, asparagus, grated beets, mashed sweet potatoes, and so on.

Let your imagination roam a bit and you need never be in a lunchbox rut!