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Cranberry Fizz cocktail by Rose Simard

We can all agree that Holiday vacations aren’t really a vacation… With our dinners, happy hours, last minute gift shopping and a quick visit to the North Pole, we’ve got little time to slow down.

To help you get through this hectic time of year, I’ve got you covered with a simple cocktail recipe that you’ll be able to recreate in front and for your guests. No need to take out the shaker and masher, a spoon and measuring glass will be all you need. Fresh and just a bit sour, this cocktail made with cranberries will taste great, paired with multiple appetizers.  Here it goes, the Cranberry Fizz recipe-


1.5 oz Gin
1.5 oz Cranberry juice
0.75 oz Fresh lime juice
0.50 oz Grenadine
Tonic water 

Garniture : Pine

How to

1. Pour all ingredients except the tonic water into a highball glass.
2. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
3. Top up with tonic water and stir using a long spoon.
4. Garnish with pin and serve with a reusable straw.

And there you have it! No need to rack your brains to find an original idea. Give your guests a taste of this revisited gin-tonic and you’ll be sure to spend an amazing evening.

For more simple cocktail recipes that don’t require complicated ingredients, visit my website

Cheers and happy holidays!