A word from the captain - June 2014 | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


A word from the captain – June 2014

Summer is finally upon us, and it’s time to make the most of the warm season by enjoying ice cream under the sun, taking a plunge in a river, and barbecuing with friends.

This summer, we’ve put together a series of activities to help you take advantage of every moment. And because I sincerely believe that an active life filled with variety makes us happier and more relaxed, I invite you to enjoy these summer pleasures!

If you’re in search of inner peace
Sunday, June 22nd, let summer shine from inside out with OM, a day focused on serenity during which passengers are invited to participate in meditation, yoga, and pilates workshops, guided by four well-being professionals.

If happy hours are not your cup of tea
Every Thursday, from June 26th to September 4th, Auberge Saint-Gabriel takes it outside and turns on the grill. Here come the Bathe and Grill Thursdays. Our brigade is switching to a menu of satay, seafood, signature sausages by Ils en fument du bon, and summer vegetables, grilled on our floating terrasse. Obviously, we recommend pairing it with a glass of crisp white wine, or a refreshing virgin cocktail!

If you have some energy to spare
This is my favorite event ever. It was created for myself only, but I’ve decided to share it with our passengers. Gently down the stream is a day filled with… water! Start the day with a boat ride from Bota Bota to a secret location on the Saint-Lawrence River, where paddleboards will await you. Then, test your balance and power for the next two hours during a guided excursion. Afterwards, enjoy a picnic prepared specially for you by Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Finally, unwind and spend the afternoon enjoying the water circuit at Bota Bota. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be asking for more. This activity will take place on July 27th, August 8th, and August 15th, and is fit for neophytes and athletes alike. Space is limited, so I recommend you book ahead!

If you’re a thrill-seeker
You’ve been asking for it… the divers are back for a fourth edition. On August 8th, I invite you to witness a high dive demonstration, where three professional divers will launch from the roof of Bota Bota, 45 feet high, into the Saint-Lawrence River. Be dazzled by their boldness, and Dive into the drift.

Looking for more space!
We feel it is important to continuously renew our passengers’ experience, so we are working on a new addition! In the garden, we will soon inaugurate a new pavilion, including a sauna, a steam room, relaxation areas, and a 90-foot water basin, divided into a cold plunge, a hot tub, and a pool! This new spa area, designed by Mu Architecture, anchors Bota Bota in its environment, enhancing this downtown oasis’ ties with nature. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the latest developments and to know when to expect the official launch of the Bota Bota Gardens!

After reading this, you won’t be surprised to learn that I am extremely enthusiastic about this upcoming summer, not only because of the long sunny days, but mostly because I have the privilege of preparing all these activities and novelties with an unrivalled crew!