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A nutritionist’s favourite restaurants

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Montreal enjoys a reputation as a great place for lovers of fine dining. Indeed, the city offers a rich mosaic of restaurants with mouthwatering fare. Competition between all these dining establishments can be fierce, with each one touting its merits. As a result, choosing where to dine can sometimes be a challenging and bewildering undertaking.

We are delighted to have on board nutritionist Ève Crépeau to help us make sense of it all. Ève is passionate about good food and acquaints us with some of her favourite Montreal eateries, pointing out locations that reflect a variety of current trends in the wide world of nutrition.

Here are her recommendations for a pleasant and delicious lunch hour and dinnertime. Bon appétit!




Source : Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa

545 Milton | 4581 Parc

Lola Rosa bills itself as the non-vegetarian’s vegetarian restaurant. Indeed, it is the perfect place to learn all about lentils, chickpeas and tempeh, all served in an original and tasty manner.



Aux Vivres

4631 Saint-Laurent

Aux Vivres is unofficially vegan central, offering seated dining, a juice bar and a take-out counter. You simply must try their classic Dragon Bowl, to whose charm even the fiercest carnivore will succumb.



1141 Bélanger

Zéro8’s menu items are all gluten-free and contain no trace of the eight most common food allergens (wheat, soy, nuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, milk, egg, and fish and seafood). At last, a chance to fully enjoy a restaurant meal without a worry for contamination. Hallelujah!



Robin des Bois

4653 Saint-Laurent

Finally, a restaurant where kids can run around, draw and play to their heart’s delight, and where parents can also have a good time. Also, as the establishment’s name (“Robin Hood” in English) suggests, this not-for-profit restaurant takes from the wealthy and gives to the poor, distributing its profits to local charitable organizations. Two good reasons to check it out as soon as you can!




Source : La Récolte

La Récolte | Espace local

764 Bélanger

As the name implies, this small restaurant’s menu is concocted exclusively from seasonal, locally produced foods. In other words, dining here is as good for the environment as it is for your taste buds. Just one visit to La Récolte will make you appreciate our local foods again.




551 Saint-Martin

Not only does he run a restaurant that serves only foods made in Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes, but Candide’s chef insists on using absolutely all parts of the items he cooks, including the less “noble” parts such as carrot leaves and cauliflower stems. While you’re there, check out their urban vegetable garden; it may inspire you to waste less in your own kitchen.



Le Sain Bol

5095 Fabre

For a brunch or lunch made from 100% organic ingredients, Le Sain Bol is your stop. This tiny restaurant (only a dozen seats) varies its menu daily, according to the inspiration of its chef, who is not averse to concocting dishes adapted to his patrons’ food allergies and intolerances.




1201 Van Horne

For healthy eating, there’s nothing quite like a Mediterranean diet. Damas offers incomparable Mediterranean fare, serving up delicious fish, grilled vegetables, nuts, yogurt, hummus and lamb. Take your taste buds on a trip along the shores of the Great Sea.


A word about our collaborator

Ève Crépeau, M.Sc., P.Dt. is a sports nutritionist at Université de Montréal’s nutrition clinic, an integral part of the institution’s Faculty of Medicine.