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Toes in the sun

Sandal and shoe trends
For unfathomable reasons, we have a passion for shoes and sandals that sometimes teeters on the brink of obsession. Naturally, our fascination with all things footwear peaks at this time of the year when the sun’s rays help set our feet free.

Here, then, is a quick look at what’s big for Spring 2015 in women’s sandals and shoes.

Hot on the heels of style

Heeled sandals, while still to be seen, are slowly on the way out to make way for flat, more discreet sandals of the Birkenstock variety (with straps). Look for the latter this spring and summer, particularly in black leather.

A Spartan look

No doubt because, among other things, they allow the feet to breathe wonderfully deep, so-called Spartan sandals will remain one of the top trends this spring and summer. Especially popular will be the knee-high lace-up models that flatter the calves.

A touch of flower power

From gladiator-style low-heeled shoes made of natural leather to flower-print sandals, all kinds of fashion accessories straight out of the 70s will make a comeback this spring. Indeed, this folksy look is quite popular. Some fashion soothsayers even predict the return of wooden clogs!

Sexes unite

Flat, two-tone shoes or low-cut lace-up shoes (Oxfords or Derbys), leather or canvas moccasins… Unisex shoes will make a splash this season, a trend stylists are calling “the liberation of androgyny.” This year’s big colours are silver, gold and white.

Sneakers: a classic

Sports shoes have achieved proper fashion accessory status, with even reputable designers eager to imprint their name on a pair. It seems the trend will continue this year. The biggest draws will be the simpler, easy-to-wear yet stylish models.

So there you have the current trends. Now it’s up to you to find your favourite shoes for the summer. Hopefully, this overview will prove useful in your hunt. Bota Bota wishes you a wonderful summer!

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