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This fall’s manicure trends

The Bota Chic is nestled at the front of the boat with a breathtaking view of the water and downtown Montreal. It is one of those places where time seems to stop, lulled but the steady waves below. Whether grey or blue skies, it is the perfect place to take time for yourself.

Dipped in dish water, rubbed, at the mercy of the sun and the cold, are hands are often put aside on our list of priorities. Taking an hour to care for them will do them a world of good and great news! Bota Chic has everything you need for them.

On-site beauticians use Spa Rituals nail polishes. This vegan brand was created to be as eco-friendly as possible, from the recycled rubber caps to the soy-based ink printed on packaging (which is also made from recycled cardboard). In addition to taking care of our planet and our body, Spa Rituals is also at the forefront of trends this fall.

Leaves on trees changing colors undoubtedly marks the beginning of autumn. Burgundy and brown hues are not unknown to our landscapes and nails!

Bota Bota picks :
(from left to right) Abracadabra – Good fortune

THE DARKS (but different!)
Nautical tints are currently very popular. Classic with a twist, it’s a choice that won’t go unnoticed.

Bota Bota picks :
(from left to right) Royal Treatment – Open Minded

The biggest fashion shows certainly did not shy away from glitter and shine. Your nails will also have their moment in the spotlight!

Bota Bota picks :
(from left to right) Shape Shifter – Golden Thread – Metaphorical Muse – First Light

If glitter does not fit in your wardrobe or manicure, we also have more discreet shade options!

Bota Bota picks :
(from left to right) Stir your Soul – Against the Grain

For those of you who already regret the end of summer, we’ve got colors that’ll remind you of the sun, the heat and apérol spritz.

Bota Bota picks :
(from left to right) Nature Bathing – Growing Young – True Freedom

What will be your fall color?