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The three graces

They are so precious, and always the most beautiful in our eyes. Our friends.

What would we be without their laughter, a magical effect that suspends time? Sometimes, a moment on the phone is enough, but nothing equals to a shared experience, a moment lived together. The true value of friendship is manifested when we choose to interrupt our hectic lives to reunite again.

In friendship lies all the beauty of reciprocity. Whenever we spend time with each other, one is good for the other. This natural benevolence is combined with the simple pleasure of giving and receiving. And we are eternally grateful to have these special people around us.

To all the friendships that travel time time! To those we have not seen in ages, but with whom we find complicity in the first moment, as if we had seen each other the day before. Invite a friend you miss, reconnect, and erase the passage of time!

In tribute to Jean-Jacques Pradier