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Sports glasses according to Oakley

Who doesn’t know Oakley glasses? My role as a brand ambassador has allowed me to discover a whole range of technologically impressive products with each one of their collections. Lucky, you say?

Style + Inspiration
Compromising my style when I have to wear performance glasses? No, thank you!

The solution? By addressing professional athletes’ demands, Oakley created innovative products accessible to everyone. Their leitmotiv is as follows: “To transcend high-performing innovations into solutions for everyday life.” And this, without compromising our search for beauty!

Design + Signature
As a design school graduate, I know how tempting it can be to reuse good old recipes… especially when they work so well!

Oakley’s conceptual inspiration lies in the rejection of conventional ideas. And if necessary, why not start from scratch?

Their goal is to deliver the unexpected. Like a signature that constantly renews itself. Science and art meet to produce a new high-performing and aesthetically appealing formula with each collection. According to them, nothing is impossible. Computer-assisted engineering allows us to experiment and explore further possibilities for a unique signature.

Sport glasses
No need to complete an Ironman routine or any other physical exploit to be a fan of high-quality sport glasses. Personally, going from my stand-up paddle board to my jeep without needing to change glasses – that’s an intelligent and functional idea!

At Oakley, decades of research and development have led to some of the most innovative technologies available to athletes today, such as Oakley’s High Definition Optics®, developed to address the needs of world-renowned professional athletes.

This science consists in a range of patented technologies which maximize clarity from every optical angle all the while offering unprecedented protection. Obviously, we can’t forget Oakley’s HD Polarized lenses!

Active or lifestyle sport glasses
Oakley seems to have understood an important aspect in terms of eyewear. Not only do they offer us sport and lifestyle glasses, they also offer us an in-between: an “active” collection, for both men and women.

The sunglasses from the active life collection are for those who take exercise seriously, but who spend even more time enjoying themselves! Brilliant.

Essential characteristics of sport glasses
Oakley glasses’ technologies offer essential benefits to both professional and non-professional athletes:

  • Optical accuracy
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Reduction of ocular fatigue and squinting
  • Relaxation
  • Protection

Trends for the future of sport glasses
Oakley will continue to defy the limits of what is possible for those who do the same in the world of sports. New technologies like Switchlock and Oakley True Digital will redefine performance. Their goal is not to be the biggest; they want to be the best in order to inspire the best of this world. Nothing less.

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