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The sauna, an ally for our health

“Hot, cold, relaxation”, this magic spell is the one hummed throughout your stay at Bota Bota. It represents the three stages of the water circuit, all dedicated to a particular installation on board the boat.

The first step alone has huge health benefits. The various saunas at Bota Bota are the main places where it can be experienced.

The sauna, a thousand-year tradition

Sauna practice began over 2000 years ago in the Nordic countries. A tradition of Finnish origin, it is part of the country’s DNA, notably through one of its sayings “First build your sauna, then only your house”.

In Estonia, smoke saunas are a symbol of the country, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. These small wood-heated cabins bring together families and friends for a moment of purification.

In Montreal, the Bota Bota houses 4 separate saunas. On board you can find the Sauna over the water, a favorite among employees, facing the emblematic Habitat 67, the Boardwalk deck sauna, facing the calm of the Saint Lawrence river and the Sun deck sauna, facing the Old Port of Montreal, a sight prized by many passengers. In the gardens there is also a sauna known for its soothing lavender scent.

Heat, an essential step

In addition to activating the cardiovascular system, heat also stimulates the immune system. In a sauna, it creates an artificial fever and thus helps the body to fight off potential colds or infections. According to the Global Wellness Institute, “Epidemiological evidence suggests that frequent use of saunas is associated with a reduced risk of pneumonia and viral infection.”

In the body, the first physical barriers that fight lung infections are the nasal cavity and sinuses, whose mucous barriers prevent them from entering. If these barriers are crossed by viruses, the body then creates a fever which will act as a second barrier of defense.

The use of saunas as a tool for preventing viral infections is thus a postulate that persists through numerous scientific trials. Combined with cold baths, this use of saunas allows different temperatures to be alternated and thus helps the airways to clear naturally. It should also be important to note that high temperatures also destroy a number of viruses present in the air.


This past few years have undoubtedly been a difficult time to navigate for a majority of the population. “Well-being” is a word one hears often, pronounced like a magic spell to cure the ailments of a complicated year.

Many are looking for a refuge, a few hours of relaxation away from the worries of everyday life. Bota Bota becomes more than ever a haven of peace, a boat that invites you to travel mentally and physically.

The premises are meticulously cleaned and the passenger capacity on board regulated, in accordance with health protocol, in order, in particular, to offer saunas perfectly suited to accommodating passengers in search of heat.

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