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Bota Bota

The new online face of Bota Bota

Today, Bota Bota has a new online smile.

You’ll notice – the photos on your favorite packages and experiences have been revamped.
This change allowed us to bring together many talented people, including our photographer, Justine Marc-Aurèle and her assistant, as well as members of the Bota Bota.

Some of these faces will surely look familiar to you. And for good reason, the vast majority of people photographed work every day to make your experience on board the most enjoyable. Massage therapists, members of the marketing and supervision team, they all have an important role to play on the ship.

Photographing our employees is also a way to thank them for their presence by our side, in calm and tormented waters. As you will have understood, Bota Bota is much more than a Montreal based company, it is a family, which extends beyond the banks of the St. Lawrence river.

And in order to keep a family resemblance, literally as well as figuratively, some family members of our sailors joined us for the day as well.