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Heart on their sleeve

The beauty of touch is that it goes beyond the physical. Touch is also a strong emotion, felt during special situations, which warm the heart and enliven the soul. Our sailors reveal themselves and share what they find touching, what gives them an abundance of emotions.

Marianne B. M, Marketing Coordinator

In 2020 I find the open-mindedness, listening, compassion and support of the many yoga teachers with whom I practice touching. It’s an energy that’s difficult to explain, because each person feels it differently. For my part, this feeling of benevolence helps me enormously to overcome some of my fears and helps me avoid judgment.
What I find touching is the softness and strength of my mother, both physical and psychological. A modern, one of a kind woman who isn’t afraid of ridicule!
What I find touching is all the emotions my father can demonstrate. Always in the form of humor (dad jokes), they sooth all my worries!
What comes to my mind in 2020 is the wind of change and direction that our society is overcoming, by opening our eyes to the social and environmental problems of the not so distant future.

Thomas E., Catering director

Sharing a good meal with friends, wine, board games! It makes me feel alive 🙂

Meagan W., Hospitality supervisor

Bringing together a group of friends with no family to enjoy the holiday seasons has become a new tradition at my house.  To share my love of food and spread my holiday cheer with my closest friends, some of whom have never celebrated or know what Thanksgiving is, brings joy to us all and makes is easier to be away from our families during the holidays. With my passion for cooking and joining my traditions with theirs we have created a new family of misfits who come from different parts of the world.  Our group is ever growing and changing with friends coming and going but the memories we create are cherished and the friendships we have made will last a lifetime.  Next up on the menu, Easter with ham, lamb, broccoli casserole and lots of other yummy sides and of course an Easter egg hunt.

Debora T., Reservations supervisor

My creative project it what make me feel alive. It pushes me to go outside of my comfort zone. For example, this year, I’m working with the idea of taking something common and decontextualize it. My current project is to take photographs of people dressed in fancy silky pyjama at the grocery store. 
This project is giving me self-confident and give me more ideas for other creative projects, which is very stimulating. 

Constance C., Content marketing

I take great pleasure in getting involved in the Montreal medical community, in particular through the CHUM where I am a volunteer. I believe that it is imperative at the present time to give one’s time to institutions that are dear to our hearts. Combining happiness, self-giving and work is the opportunity to change lives and touch people in unexpected and refreshing ways.