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Relaxation Areas -Tribute by Design

Tribute by Design

To make her idea a reality, the designer of the Bota Bota Gardens’ relaxation room asked herself one question: “What makes us feel good?” The answer came in the form of nostalgia, that of childhood memories and of Montreal’s architectural heritage.

“The box shapes that inspired the garden concept are derived from the tree houses that we built as children,” explains Shella-Eve, who has been a Bota Bota host for the past three years and is now in her last year of interior design degree. “It’s also a tribute to Habitat 67, which is located right across from Bota Bota.”

The result is an urban maisonette with clean sober lines, walls of pale wood, and floors in light grey. Inside, dark blue cushions are spread out over two levels, right in front of large glass doors that let in a maximum amount of natural light. Access to the second floor is provided by small ladders, another reminder of our childhood tree houses and maritime heritage.

A few technical add-ons complete the project, like the fireplace at the entrance, and the bench under which heating units are hidden from view.
When you come and relax inside this elegant retreat with its heated walls, you might want to spare a thought for Shella-Eve, a young designer who has used skilfully used her exceptional talents to create this place of calm repose.