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Bota Bota

Local compagnies at Bota Bota

At Bota Bota, a proudly Montreal-based company, we are convinced that the growth of the local economy will be achieved through partnerships with local businesses.

That is the reason why we have been working with local suppliers for a long time!

Covering yourself with a mask in closed public places is not only obligatory but an act which we consider altruistic, in order to protect others and oneself. Our crew is thus covered by reusable Bota Bota masks, created by 88 Queen St. This company, created by Marie-Geneviève Pilon, sells unique clothing and accessories, hand-dyed and manufactured locally.

Hand washing is an important step. Our hand antiseptic is created by Cirka, a spirits distillery located along the Lachine Canal. The sustainable production of this company is one of its many talents.

In addition, the various essential oils, found in our dry and wet saunas, are provided to us by Arbressence. This company, created by Yannick Rudolph Binette in 2003 in the Laurentians, specializes in the extraction of cedar oil. The different techniques used in this process have allowed the company to build a reputation in the environmental sector.

In our showers, our passengers can use a shampoo, shower gel and conditioner from Nettoyant Lemieux, a family-owned, Quebec based company with 100% ecological and Ecotechnology certified products. Founded by Andrée-Lise Lemieux, this company aims to put the environment at the heart of conversations. “Change for the better,” a catchphrase that perfectly describes Lemieux.

For several years, the uniform worn by Bota Bota employees and massage therapist has been an integral part of our brand image. We are proud to partner with Kustom Agence Promo, a 100% made in Quebec clothing supplier.

Traveling docked leaving the port also means traveling locally, through local businesses that make this province what it is: vast, beautiful and green.