Disconnect completely: a digital detox | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Bota Bota

Disconnect completely

Although Bota Bota is moored a few steps from the city center, it remains a place of calm, tranquility, simply out of time.
To help you achieve complete disconnection during your stay with us, cell phones will be prohibited on board Bota Bota, starting on February 6th, 2019. The lockers at your disposal are the perfect place to leave it, so it can too, take a well-deserved break. After all a lot of attention is asked of them!

In order to prepare you for your next day of full relaxation with us, we have concocted a small 7 day detox to rethink your phone use now!

Get rid of unnecessary apps 
We all have those applications that sleep in the depths of our cell phones. Sort through your 3 yoga apps, 10 photo editing apps, and keep the dating app that appeals to you the most. In short, it’s time to get back to basics.
Make a thoughtful selection of applications that have a real added value to your life, make it short and sweet!

Turn off notifications 
Let’s be honest, we could all do without notifications. Do we really need to know in real time the number of likes on our new Instagram picture or our crazy friend’s latest endless story?
Focus on what you have to do and give yourself a moment in the day to catch up on the latest news of the day. 5 minutes before or after, your friend will still have fallen in slush!

Stop using it one hour before going to bed 
Easier said than done, we are well aware. If you’re not having a full blown conversation with your group chat, you’re binge watching Netflix’s newest show. However, you could utilize this opportunity to start that book that’s been patiently waiting on your night stand, or to meditate, to end your day on a calm and positive note. You’re phone won’t go missing by tomorrow!

Turn if off before having a meal
Whether living with roommates, your better half or parents, meals are above all a moment of exchange. No need to share a picture of your lasagna on all of your social networks, your friends also surely have an equally as good of a meal waiting for them. Instead, take the time to savour it and enjoy those around you.

Change your wake-up habit 
It may be time to get that famous morning alarm everyone keeps talking about, with its changing colours and bucolic sounds of birds and wind. Good-bye stressful alarm sound, hello smooth awakening. Take the time to step out of bed before diving head first into your screen. Keep this moment for your morning transit!

Spend an evening without it
Imagine yourself free from your cell phone- tonight, you’re going out without it, and it’s better that way. The night is yours, with both of your hands free. Re-discover the pleasure of dancing without worrying about the size of your pockets or unintentionally spilling your glass on the screen, or worse! breaking it during a bold dance move.

Enjoy a 100% disconnected day and leave it in the locker room upon your arrival at Bota Bota
Your day promises to be a calming one: a water circuit to begin the relaxation, a treatment to prolong it and a small detour by our restaurant La Traversée to finish it.
Re-discover the benefits of well-being, cut entirely from the world. Float in this invented world and sail to new horizons, cut off from any technology. Rest your eyes, your body and your mind.

So, how do you like this 100% disconnected challenge?