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5 resolutions for a year full of well-being

Instead of motivating us, our annual goals often tend to cause unnecessary stress. What if our New Year’s resolutions were easy this year? As 2018 knocks on our doors, we invite you to discover 5 resolutions for a year filled with well-being. Resolutions tend to come to life only when accompanied by action plans, thus why we completed each of our suggestions with a few ideas that will help you pull them through!

1. Slow down

Promise yourself that you’ll take time this year… to take your time! Life passes by so fast and we often forget to stop and enjoy it. This year, make the pledge to slow down and to appreciate what life brings you every day.

How to get there
– Create a morning routine that will help you get into the day smoothly, even if you have to get out of bed a little earlier
– Limit your “to-do” list with urgent things instead of filling it with everything that goes through your head
– Instead of spending time on your phone, write three positive things that happened during your day in a gratitude journal every night before you go to sleep

2. Plan breaks

To be able to breathe a little, you have to be proactive. Far from being a waste of time, breaks and moments of relaxation will make us more productive and happier.

How to get there
– Book a massage, a facial or a spa layover at least once per season in order to replenish your zenitude
– Schedule an alert on your phone to remind yourself to get some fresh air in the afternoon
– Plan days without chores or tasks on your monthly schedule in order to let go a bit

3. Hydrate your body

Drinking water is essential for your health. However, we often overestimate our actual consumption. This year, we have a few tips that’ll allow you to keep your system fully hydrated all day long.

How to get there
– Fill your portable water bottles in advance and store them in the fridge so you can catch one easily when you leave the house
– Replace plastic sparkling water bottles with a machine that allows you to prepare everything at home in a more ecological and economical way
– Rediscover the pleasures of hot lemon water, herbal tea or green tea at the end of the meal minus the caffein

4. Listen to your body

We are used to asking a lot from our bodies. But when do we take the time to see its needs and pamper it a little? Not often enough! This year, make a change.

How to get there
– Register for a yoga class
– Nourish your body with healthy foods that are good for you
– Do not let stress affect your health, consulte a massage therapist as soon as the weight of your days starts weighing down on your shoulders

5. Connect with those you love more

The bonds that unite us are a balm on our mental health and well-being. In 2018, stop saying that you should see your loved ones more often and organize opportunities for each other to spend time together.

How to get there
– Invite friends at home for a good meal more often
– Participate in joint projects with family members, for example by volunteering
– Establish a new tradition like ice skating with friends or families in your neighbourhood