Eco-responsibility on board: Bots Bota plays its part! | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

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Eco-responsibility on board!

Running out of regarding your new year resolutions? We’ll we’ve got at least one that will make you smile! Why not rethink your environment by having an ecological impact on the world around you? Choosing Bota Bota as your place of relaxation is part of this good resolution!


– We supply the boat with energy by exchanging the water of the heating / air conditioning with the water from the river. This simple exchange is powerful enough to satisfy the indoor ambient temperature about 4 to 6 months per year without the aid of any mechanical equipment other than a pump. We call this mode “Free Cooling”.

– During the summertime, we cool the cold bath in the gardens with a heat pump that instead of venting its heat in the open air, also heats the whirlpool. The heating system is off almost 3 months a year. 100% of the energy is reused.

– 100% of the gardens and boat lights are LED.

– Our restaurant, La Traversée, no longer offers plastic water bottles. We invite our customers to bring their own reusable water bottle, which they can fill up at the water fountains available in the boat.

– We no longer offer plastic bags on board for wet swimsuits. We invite our customers to come with their own bag.

Easy resolution, right?