Galleon | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau



It is said that the galleons of old were so versatile that they could be used as a warships as well as a transport or exploration vessels. Like these large sailing vessels, the Galleon package is, to date, our most comprehensive package.

The Galleon package for one person includes:

  • Layover access to the water circuit
  • a 90-minute therapeutic or relaxation massage (or treatment)
  • a 60-minute treatment (or a therapeutic or relaxation massage)
  • a meal at La Traversée including two plates and a glass of wine

Duration on board: 6 hours

In order to truly benefit from your stay in our facilities, we strongly suggest planning around 6 hours aboard. Services included in this package cannot be replaced. In order to offer you the desired availability, it is recommended to book the package within a minimum of 7 days before the desired visit date. It is necessary to reserve access to the water circuit and to the massage. This package cannot be used several times, it must be used all at once on a single occasion. Please take note that a bathrobe, towel and locker key are provided for free on site.
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