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What is the Kobi Yoko massage?

Considered as a “Discovery” massage, the Kobi Yoko massage aims, through several techniques, to counter, among others, stress, insomnia and fatigue. Our massage therapist, Janik Laurin explains its principles and benefits.

The basic principles of the massage

The 90-minute Kobi Yoko massage mainly focuses on the upper body. A manipulation of the arms, neck, and cervical region is done through maneuvers applied to the nervous system. “It’s not muscle relaxation as it would be with a Swedish or Deep Tissue”, says Janik, who has been a massage therapist at Bota Bota for 5 years now.

Carried out in several precise stages, the Kobi Yoko works the meridians, those of the skull and the forehead, but also the nose and eye sinuses, in order to help “clear” the face.

This massage also helps achieve a softer and rested appearance, thanks to the numerous movements concentrated on the different lines of the face that can also be found on the neck and décolleté.

Following a kneading with the help of bamboo, cold jade stones are placed along the upper body to finish up the treatment.

“Everyone should get this massage. At the moment, I have only had one man for this specific massage”, regrets Janik. Although the majority of women who received this treatment at Bota Bota are women with more mature skin, Janik insists on the importance of receiving it, regardless of age or gender. “The benefits are the same for everyone”.

From one boat to another

Originally from the Laurentians, Janik Laurin is one of the on-board accredited massage therapists able to give the Kobi Yoko massage. At the end of her massage therapy studies, she embarked on a two-year adventure, rich in discoveries: that of cruises.

“It’s a lot of experience in a short amount of time, with massage therapy up 6 days a week”, she recalls. A profession that she considers above all to be cerebral, massage therapy undoubtedly requires patience and presence. “It is a very special and intimate profession. But this is one of the things that makes it beautiful; you have to know how to love people. It’s more than a job”, she explains.

South America, Sweden, Antarctica, Mexico, the West Indies… Janik can no longer count the incredible lands she has been able to set foot on during these formative two years. Aware of her luck, she strives today to share her stories and exercise her profession with love and intelligence.

The magic of a lifetime is sometimes reflected in its unexpected paths. Being on a boat a second time is a very strong sign for her. “I am someone who is very down to earth, down to my astrological sign (Taurus). Working so close to water is perhaps a way to bring me some balance. I believe in destiny and I firmly believe that it is not for nothing that I find myself once again on a boat”.

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In March 2020, Bota Bota will have the honor of offering you a whole new type of massage. Stay tuned!