The benefits of the water circuit | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


The benefits of the water circuit

Embracing the ups and downs

Hydrotherapy is currently riding a wave of popularity in Québec. With spa culture now firmly entrenched, many individuals have become connoisseurs of the multiple benefits to be gained from a water circuit such as Bota Bota’s. For those not yet familiar with them, allow us to shed some light!


A bit of heat to start off with

The circuit’s first station is designed to get one’s body to a certain temperature. Bota Bota provides two methods for achieving this: in one of our dry saunas or in our steam bath. When you emerge 10 to 15 minutes later, your pores and blood vessels are thoroughly dilated and many toxins lighter. The heat also boosts blood flow to painful or damaged bodily tissues.


Next, dare to be a polar bear

This second step is a moment of truth: it consists of plunging into a pool of cold water. And not just getting your toes wet or wading up to your thighs: we’re talking total immersion, also known as getting in over your head! The thermal shock this provokes accelerates your heartbeat and shuts your skin’s pores. Your blood vessels will also feel the pinch, which boosts the hormonal, immune and autonomic nervous systems. For those who prefer a cold shower, it pretty much has the same effects.


Finally, relax

Such a display of bravery merits a moment of bliss in one of our relaxation areas or on a hammock. Or why not an ultimate release session in one of our whirlpools? We’re talking about roughly 20 minutes to get your heart rhythm back to normal. During this interval, your adrenaline levels will dip and those wonderful endorphins will kick in.

This switching from hot to cold is what is most beneficial for your body. Repeating this cycle three times will fully eliminate your bodily toxins and leave you in a state of pure relaxation.