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The Benefits of Advocating Well-being at a Young Age

Childhood is undoubtedly a critical period in the development of our mental and physical capacities. It is during those years that we build our identity, gradually giving space to our own individualities. The choices we make and the habits that we form at this stage of our life greatly influence the lifestyle we choose for ourselves as adults. Developing healthy habits from an early age onwards helps reduce anxiety and long-term stress, two topics that are all too familiar for modern workers. In Quebec, about half of the population experiences daily stress. We must, therefore, teach children early to take control of their well-being. Doing so will ensure that future generations reap the benefits and enjoy a healthy and happy life.


We most commonly attribute social media use to youth. Technology, which satisfies an inherently human need for relationships, has quickly taken over our daily lives. However, spending an inordinate amount of time on social media can feed an unhealthy need for acceptance that can only be satiated with likes and comments. It is therefore important that we inform teens, who are naturally vulnerable to social anxiety, about the many spheres of life which social media can impact.


Yoga and meditation, best known for their relaxing benefits, also help sharpen the mind and enhance concentration. These practices, as useful in the classroom as they are in the workplace, are considered revolutionary for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety as they sharpen the mind. Encouraging wellness-focused lifestyles generates positive repercussions, during which concepts like love, peace and generosity will be learned. Through these practices, you can reconnect with your inner peacefulness for a few minutes every day.


Scandinavian countries have always excelled when it comes to happiness and, as such, are considered experts in how to raise fulfilled children. Scandivanian countries make teach children to be positive and realistic a priority, and they start doing as at a very young age.

Winner of the Annual World Happiness Report, Denmark stands out as a place where togetherness is at the very essence of life. “Hygge”, a beautiful Danish word that means “to cozy around together” is one of the many reasons why Danes rank higher than any other country in the world when it comes to happiness. For Danes, being present for your loved ones is a natural thing. The mindset fuelling this thinking has helped the country emanate wellness throughout their country.