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Autumn skincare ritual

Transition to fall with beauty

As your summer tan begins to fade, it’s easy to feel like your skin has waged battle, as fine wrinkles, sun spots and dryness surface. No need to panic! It’s normal for your skin to be extra-sensitive after several months of sustained sun exposure. Adapting your skin care regimen to protect and rebalance your epidermis is important. Follow our skin care tips for this transitional season!


Exfoliate your face and your body

After fending off the sun’s aggressions all summer long, your skin needs a bit of help to find its usual glow. “At summer’s end, oily skin types contain excess sebum, often associated with high levels of toxins, while dry skin types are dehydrated and more sensitive. Hence the importance of soothing your skin with a treatment that eliminates the toxins while boosting glow and moisturizing deeply,” explains Marie Perche, a Bota Bota beautician. An essential first step is a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin to absorb active, moisturizing nutrients. Contrary to myth, exfoliation does not diminish your tan!


Exfoliate your skin with a moisturizing, antioxidant sugar scrub. It stimulates microcirculation and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, light and younger looking.


Moisturize your face and your body

As mentioned, the summer heat can dehydrate the face and body of people who have a naturally dry skin. Getting a salon treatment at these pivotal times of the year is therefore crucial in order to avoid premature aging of the skin. Do it before winter arrives with its own set of challenges. “Somewhat like the sun does, the cold too can irritate and dehydrate your skin as well as cause redness. This is why we recommend a treatment during and after winter,” explains Ms. Perche. Bota Bota’s beautician warns those who think they can do without sun protection in wintertime: “Many people believe there is no need to wear suntan lotion in the winter. They couldn’t be more wrong. UVA and UVB rays are the same as during the summer!”


Choosing the right cream for you

Those with a normal to combination complexion can moisturize their skin with a lotion or gel-cream. As for those with dryer skin, they can apply a rich cream with confidence. Interesting fact: Skin may become dehydrated due to a lack of water in the body. It is thus possible to have oily yet dry skin at the same time! Oil-based creams soothe dry skin types, while water-based creams are designed to nourish dehydrated skin. Feel free to consult one of our experts in order to better define your needs.


Treat yourself to an express facial with personalized BABOR ampoules. These concentrated elixirs will leave your skin smooth, saturated with nutrients and fully moisturized.


Take care of your feet with a pedicure

After a summer spent in sandals, the skin of your feet may have hardened and become more fragile. A professional pedicure can help eliminate dry, chapped or cracked skin and leave your feet soft and moisturized!