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Ten Travel Apps to Globetrot like a Pro

By Isa Tousignant

Top travellers always seem to have everything under control, whether it’s packing just the right amount or avoiding delays at the airport. Is it some sort of sixth sense? Naw, they’ve just got the right apps! Here are 10 travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without.

Wi-Fi Finder [iPhone / Android]

Data roaming charges can be brutal when abroad. Luckily, this free app helps you find Wi-Fi hot spots wherever you go, so you can tweet, Facebook, and email everyone you want – without paying for it later!

Onavo Extend [iPhone / Android]

This magical free app somehow drastically reduces the amount of data required to perform everyday tasks like downloading emails. It’s a traveller’s must.

FlightTrack [iPhone / Android]

Avoid airport waits with this amazing app, which allows you to track thousands of international flights on zoomable maps filled with info about everything from changed departure gates to delays.

Packing Pro [iPhone / Not available on Android]

Tell this app your destination and the duration of your trip and it’ll suggest exactly what you should pack – including things you may not even have thought to bring!

JetLag Genie [iPhone / Not available on Android]

Input your travel dates, destination, and usual sleeping times and this app will help you alter your snoozing habits to enable a smoother transition between time zones.

XE Currency [iPhone / Android]

This slick, free currency exchange app will help you avoid overspending wherever you go, from Savile Row to a Moroccan souk. It uses live currency rates so it’s always up to date.

Tipulator [iPhone / Android]

Be classy on a global scale thanks to this handy tool, which will ensure you’ll neither over- nor under-tip – both an offence, depending on the culture.

HopStop [iPhone / Not available on Android]

Want to get from Chelsea to Coney Island? Get the perfect route from this app packed with info on public transport systems in the world’s biggest cities.

Foursquare [iPhone / Android]

This oldie but goodie free app is best known as a social networking tool, but it’s amazing for travellers: just turn it on and it’ll give you a list of tips from people who’ve come before you for things to do and see.

Photosynth [iPhone / Android]

Give your snapshots the pizzazz they deserve with this ingenious app that enables you to shoot panoramic pics of everything from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China.